Real Reality

Choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara

performers :
Emi Oyama, Fumiko Ishigaki, Mihoko Tsurumi, Jun Morii, Yoshihiro Horie, đào thụy thúy vân, Agus Margiyanto, Mai Tanabe, Tomomi Watanabe, Ayaka Shimizu, Momoko Takeuchi, Shigetoshi Fujimoto

Video Projection : Keisuke Takahashi
Sound Director : SKANK
Set Designer : Takuya Kamiike
Lighiting Designer : Yann Becker
Costume Designer : Tomoko Inamura
Stage manager : Koro Suzuki

2017. Mar. at Teater Luwes, Institut Kesenian Jakarta, Indonesia
2016. Jan. at Youth Theatre, Hanoi, Vietnam
2016. Jan. at Teatre ARENA, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah Surakarta, Indonesia
2015. Dec. at Sunport Hall TAKAMATSU, Japan
2015. Aug. at Singapore Internationl Festival
2015. Jun. at Aichi Arts Center, Japan
2015. Feb. at Kamitonda Cultural Hall, Wakayama, Japan
2015. Jan. at Theatre Tram, Tokyo, Japan

- Concept -

Omit the body and expand. People use technologies that allow them to move as little as possible.

I have no quarrel with these technologies, which make life easier for all. But when the body is omitted to this extent, it is a little unsettling.

Our imagination tries to bring occurrences of the distant past and times from the past or future to the front of our minds, as if they were actually here in the present. Nevertheless, people cannot even imagine the tragedies of long ago, and cannot share the bodies which experienced them. We stand at places that are empty, spend time that is not real, listen to voices without speech, and encounter people without bodies.

Death is right before us, unlimited, and decisive. Life is here and now, limited, and with an uncertain future. The work explores corporality that can be really felt by us who live in an age in which the body is no longer needed.

- Creative methodology -

For the new work, we are going further in the approach we applied for "see/saw," the last work. This challenging approach, which won high accolades, lies in construction of the work's elements based on traditional culture, in collaboration with people in the community. From June to July 2014, we held creation workshops together with local artists and creators in the fields of dance, art, film, music, and production, in the cities of Wakayama, Nagoya, and Tokyo. We are going to continue generating elements for the piece through close communication and creative efforts at workshop sites. Our aspiration is to organically fuse these elements without detracting from their diversity and incorporate them into a work with an intensity that will reach all audiences.

- Review -
“Real Realty” in Hanoi, Vietnam 2016

Special thanks
The Inoue Ballet Foundation, SNOW contemporay, Kindai University, The Koganecho Management Center, Daikon Inc., Mika Fujiwara, Emi Matsuo, Moyo Kawazaki, Steep Slope Studio, Arabesque Dance Company, Tiffany Chang, The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, Phan Trong Khuong, Melati Suryodarmo, The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Indonesia

Co-produced by
Theatre Tram, Wakayama Kamitonda Cultural Hall, Aichi Arts Center, ECHIGO TSUMARI ART FIELD, Sunport Hall TAKAMATSU, Singapore Internationl Festival, STUDIO PLESUNGAN

Supported by
The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Arts Council Tokyo, Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan

produced by
Nibroll, precog

photo : Hideto Maezawa, Noshi Hatori

Flier design : Takuya Kamiike, Okamoto Tsuyoshi +