Choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara
Visual Director : Keisuke Takahashi
Sound Director : SKANK
Costume Designer : Mitsushi Yanaihara
Lighting Designer : Kai Takinoiri
Set Designer : Keitaro Hisano
producer : precog

performers :
Tomomitsu Adachi, Mayu Takagi, Minako Kimura, Chika Sagawa, Yu Harada, Noriko Fujise,
Shigeya Yo, Keisuke Yamamoto, Anna Kuroda, Ayako Fukushima, Mikuni Yanaihara

2006. Aug. ECHIGO - TSUMARI Triennial, NIIGATA
2006. Oct. at FUKUOKA IMS Hall
2007. Mar. at Panasonic Center, TOKYO
2008. May. at Obirin University, GARA, TOKYO
2008. Jun. Singapore Arts Festival, Singapore
2009. Mar. at AICHI Arts Center, Japan

First presented as an installation work at Metropolitan Museum of Photography in 2005, the project "NO DIRECTION, everyday" has evolved through the performances in various formats at Echigo-Tsumaari Triennale and in Fukuoka city in 2006. 'No Direction.' is the culmination of the project as well as a new piece from the directors' collective Nibroll created after 2 years.
We lose our direction and our ways and wander around.Discord, friction and conflicts.
The work sharply describes the present form of discommunication and a hope about our values-inconsistent and countless but possibly connected with one another.

- text
Oh, I haven't got much time, so I'll have to hurry. I'm going to miss my train.
Reading maps is such a pain. So why, exactly, am I persevering?
I'm sure I didn't use an alarm clock when I was a child.

Right facing left, down facing up.
I'll be OK even if I get lost in the forest.
Follow the direction that your body indicates and you will find a world where you can act quite freely.
Somewhere to think about your ideal everyday body.

Getting so upset that you lose your balance,
walking through a strange town without a map,
very unsettling and inconvenient.
But sometimes, these can be good things.

A scene where silhouettes that are restrained but free exist comfortably.
Arrows pointing in various directions, up, down, left, right, past, future,
they spiral, moving intricately.
It feels like our morals dovetail them.

flier design : Keiko Itakura

----Asahi Shin bun Evening Edition Mar.19. 2007
The audience seat is set on a slope in a studio which originally was empty, and the audience must sit on cushions that are placed on the floor. The four dots which show them where to sit are drawn out continuously on the stage floor as well, and the boundaries between the stage and audience seat become thin. It is as if the audience too has been thrown into this void as part of this performance.
On the gigantic, softly curved wall surface, Keisuke Takahashi's images are projected, and metamorphose in ways that enchant the eye.
Pandas and plants, digitally processed images of people, multiplying abstract patterns, and animation of the urban crowd appear and disappear like a kaleidoscopically. Skank, who is in charge of the sound, creates diverse sound from techno to rock, noise and pop – countervailing and inducing the images. As far as I know, the two have done their best work ever. As the carefully, chronologically structured sound and music progress vigorously, the dancers develop a unique action which can be characterized as children playing and fighting, rather than "dancing". They are no longer subjects with a will, and have become encoded bodies.
Yanaihara has placed the codes astonishingly well in the rippling sound and music, and moves them unconstrained. She too, has choreographed fulfillingly, and can be said to have
represented a culmination of Nibroll's work.
----Tatsuro Ishii, dance critic

photo by 聡明堂



2005. Oct.- Dec. at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

Visual Director : Keisuke Takahashi
Choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara
Sound : SKANK
Set Designer : Mitsushi Yanaihara