2010. Oct. "AICHI Triennale" at AICHI Art Center, JAPAN
2011. Jun. at Thatre Trum SETAGAYA, JAPAN


Choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara
Video Projection : Keisuke Takahashi
Music : SKANK
Costume Designer : Mitsushi Yanaihara
Lighting Designer : Misao Murase

Performers :
Mariko Kasuya, Noriyasu Hashimoto, Takuro Suzuki, Masanori Kikusawa,
Ayako Fukushima, Mikuni Yanaihara

Photo:Tatsuo Nanbu

Flyer design :
Okamoto Tsuyoshi+, Nobutaka Sato
AICHI Triennale 2010

- Concept -

In order to approach the theme from various angles, we use not only but also every possible media we can think of such as visual image, music, lights, texts and architectural thinking as our tools of expression. We always say to one another that it is not necessary to follow one rule of thumb. With this topic in particular, we do not want to adopt one way of thinking and get stuck in it. Needless to say, our world is complex and multifaceted. During such a quotidian moment as when walking in the streets, people will hear different sounds, see different things, and have different feelings about them.
Despite many contradictions, history has continued till today. We know one cause will not necessarily lead to the same result. The use of various media helps us express this complexity of the world.
We will not strictly adhere to the so-called dance techniques, and instead consider as “dance” certain motifs teased out of the body can occupy by interweaving the material body, its virtually projected image, and its shadow created through lighting.
in addition, the voice of the dancers on stage, the recorded voices carried by the news on TV, and live or recorded music will each constitute a more or less independent story, which will then be transformed corporeally, spatially and temporally through interaction with one another.
We hope that the audience will be able to grasp the coming together of various threads in their own ways and that this piece will help them think about what kind of choices / stories they should / want to make in this complex world in order to discover a peaceful order within the chaos.

There's no pre-established harmony in this world actually. That's right, just like the weather forecast. We unwittingly live everyday on the basis of pre-established harmony; "if that happens, then it'll be like this."The train schedule, tomorrow's weather, the future of Earth. We have absolute trust in science, love forecasting the future, and become irritated when things son't turn out the way the are supposed to.
A disease of the modern civilization where everyone believes in pre-established harmony. But in reality, with many things, "Even if that happens, this won't happen." It's always dark one step ahead. But darkness doesn't mean it's gloomy. This piece is neither a critique of modern society nor nostalgia, but one that presents what lies ahead for all of us as we live through an era where values have disintegrated.

Flyer design:Keiko Itakura for Thatre Trum, 2011

- Credit -

Presented by Nibroll
Produced by precog, Takeshi ito
Co-Produced by Aichi Triennale 2010, Setagaya Public Theatre
Stage Manager : Koro Suzuki, Chikage Yuyama
Supported by Japan Arts Council, Arts Council Tokyo
Special thanks : Joy Sound promotion, Steep Slope Studio

- Works -

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