Established in 1997, Nibroll is a dance company led by choreographer Mikuni Yanaihara. Nibroll produces performances created through collaborations with video artists, musicians, and fine art practitioners: there is no single overall director. The characteristic of their performance is unconventional framework; output can be a dance show, concert, play, movie, or art exhibition, to explore the possibilities of visual and physical expression. Nibroll entrusts all the decision-making to the audience. Their ultimate aim is not simply to put on a performance, but to explore a new field by having active communication with various genres. Based in Tokyo, Nibroll is also active in Europe, USA and Asia and has garnered much attention since its funding.



2000 "The Millennium Culture and Art Festival Award"
2002 "The National Advisory Panel Award" Bagnolet International Choreography Contest
2004 "The Mori Art Museum Contemporary Award"
2009 "Japan Dance Forum Award 2009 Grand Prix"

Mikuni Yanaihara

Choreographer, Director, Play writer and Dancer

Mikuni Yanaihara is Associate Professor (specializing in performing arts) in the Faculty of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies at Kindai University. She founded the dance company Nibroll in 1997 and organized the theater company Mikuni Yanaihara Project in 2005. She serves as the leader of both of these companies. She has won the highest praise for her work in both the genres of dance and theater, and staged many performances outside Japan. Besides actively collaborating with other artists in Japan and other countries, she has been broadening her activities in other Asian countries in recent years. In 2015, she was appointed Japan Cultural Envoy by the national Agency of Cultural Affairs, and researched dance and theater in six countries in Southeast Asia.



2000 the Millennium Culture and Art Festival Award
2002 the National Council Prize at Yokohama Platform of the former Bagnolet International Choreography Award
2007 "The Japan Dance Forum Award"
2009 "The Japan Dance Forum Award Grand Prix"
2012 "KISHIDA screen play Award"
2012 "The Yokohama City Cultural Prize"

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Keisuke Takahashi

Video Artist

Keisuke Takahashi has created many visual installations in various space such as museum, gallery, theatre and public space. and he also has created performance pieces and intend to pursue the relationship between body and image. He held the solo exhibition the gallery in Milan, Italy and Taipei, Taiwan, and in Japan, SENDAI Mediatheque, BankArt1929, Ohara Museum and others, and also jointed to the international exhibition such as SHANGHAI Biennial, SETOUCHI Art Triennale, Jakarta Biennial and others. His works have been presented in arts festivals throughout Japan and the world. He received the Committee Recommendation Award from Japan Media Arts Festival in 2005. He also has created many performance works as the visual director for the dance company named "Nibroll".



2005 "The 2005 Japan Mesia Arts Festival" – Jury Recommended Works
2005 "Outstanding chievement Award of Graz Art Project 2005" Austria
2007 "OSAKA Art Triennial 2007 Jury Recommended Award"
2007 "HIROSHIMA Contemporary Art Museum-Re-Act 2007 Award"


Comporser, Musician

Participating in Nibroll as sound director since 2005. Also he is a main member of the band "MEXI" and played some live performances, made many music for some dance and theatre company. Also participating in SSS,T(Six Strings Sonic,The) as a guitarist, and won the excellence prize of "the 2005 Japan Media Arts Festival".

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