off-Nibroll presents「Dance in Asia 2015」

July. 23 (fri) - 26 (sun) @ST Spot ▶map


off-Nibroll (Yokohama)
Mikuni Yanaihara, Keisuke Takahashi, Emi Oyama

Century Contemporary Dance Company (Taipei)

Chien-Yu Hsu, Shao-Ching Hung, I-Chien Sung, Hui-Wen Li

Soo Hyun Hwang (Seoul)

Mao Wei

Murasaki Penguin (Sydney)
Anna Kuroda、David Kirkpatrick


★SPECIAL SELECTION <off-Nibroll selected the young artist from Japan>

★ST SELECTION <ST Spot and off-Nibroll selected>
Yui Kitagawa/Maki Kurita/Masashi Koyama/Kana Sakato/Kenji Shinohe/Deltalker/Tokubetsu Yoshida/Saori Yoneda

July 24 (fri)19:30
off-Nibroll/Soo Hyun Hwang/Murasaki Penguin/Chien-Yu Hsu/Log±inn/Tokubetsu Yoshida

July 25 (sat)14:00 start
Soo Hyun Hwang/Murasaki Penguin/Shao-Ching Hung/Kana Sakato/Kenji Shinohe/Saori Yoneda

July 25 (sat)19:30 start
off-Nibroll/Mao Wei/Chien-Yu Hsu/Log±inn/Maki Kurita/Masashi Koyama

July 26 (sun)14:00 start

Mao Wei/Murasaki Penguin/Shao-Ching Hung/Log±inn/Yui Kitagawa/Deltalker

Adv. ¥1,500/student ¥1,000/Day ¥1,800/4 Performance Set ¥3,000


ST SPOT ▶mail ▶TEL : 045-325-0411

【about "Dance in Asia" - Mikuni Yanaihara -】

 During my student days, I pursued studies in the United States and Europe, and learned much about Western theatrical art. Upon my return, I was eager to learn about theatrical arts in Asia, where my own roots lie, but there was still very little information on them then. Ballet, of course, was of Western origins, but Asia obviously had dancing of its own. There were surely many people in Asia, too, who were involved purely in dancing as a form of bodily expression. With this in mind, I made the acquaintance of numerous choreographers as well as dancers, actors, musicians, and artists in other Asian countries. I would like to broaden this network and promote cultural interchange that breeds new value in Asia. There are modes of artistic expression that can only be realized by Asia, Japan, and, indeed, myself. Instead of always looking toward distant subjects, let us begin with what is right in front of us! Lately in particular, I have come to believe we ought to consider bodily expression in this way.

stage manager:Takuya Kamiike / Lighting:Keisuke Takahashi / sound co-ordination:SKANK / Production Co-ordination:ST SPOT
presented by:off-Nibroll / special thanks:Steep Slope Studio
sponsor:The SAISON FOUNDATION, Ministry of Culture Republic of China (TAIWAN), Depatment of cultural Affairs, Taipei city government, The National Culture and Arts Foundation: NCAF、Ausdance NSW



The visual director Keisuke Takahashi and choreographer Mikuni Yanaihara from Nibroll formed off-Nibroll which mostly deals with the relationship between body and image, in 2005. We intend to isolate dance from theater, and remove the barrier between audience and performers. We fulfill this idea by using a small gallery spaces to maintain a close distance with the audiences, and, furthermore, to form their creation with the audiences‘s existence. By doing this, to bring the new body into their work becomes a challenge, but it also releases the form of dance to a bigger variety group of people.


Choreographer:Mikuni Yanaihara Projectin&Linghting:Keisuke Takahashi
Dancer:Emi Oyama, Hui-Wen Li



Century Contemporary Dance Company (Taipei) 

Shao-Ching Hung 
Graduated from the Taipei National University of Arts. When she was in school, she had worked with many renown choreographers includes Hwai-Min Lin, Ross Parkes, Ho-Ping Kung, Csaba Buday, etc. Danced for the Dance Forum from 2005 to 2010. Constantly working with Anarchy Dance Theatre and Century Contemporary Dance Company since 2011.

Choreographer:Shao-Ching Hung / Dancer:Hui-Wen Li/ Projection:Yung-Huai Huang

Chien-Yu Hsu
Graduated from the Taiwan National University of Arts. Joined Century Contemporary Dance Company in the year of 2003. Some of the works she participated with CCDC are "Morendo" "Ocean Festival" "Dream Hatched II" "Four Winds, Four Bliss" "Les Noces/ Le Sacre Du Printemps".

Choreographer:Chien-Yu Hsu / Dancer:I-Chien Sung /Lighting:Pin-Hsueh Chiu

▶Century Contemporary Dance Company


Soo Hyun Hwang (Seoul)

Soo-Hyun Hwang was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and is pursuing research and experiment on the relationship between body and dance, people and people, and dance and other medium with interdisciplinary and collaborative perspective. She participated from 2011 to 2012 in Emerging Artist Development Program organized by HanPac (Hankuk Performing Arts Center), and had an opportunity to create and premiere <Co-lab: Seoul-Berlin> which was selected for Rising Star Festival and Festival Tokyo 12 in 2012. She also composed several dance pieces in some projects with organizations such as <Face to Face>: Korea- Japan Dance Connection (with Yuriko Suzuki) from 2012 to 2013, <Flatland>: Dance in Asia-Community (organized by CCDC Taiwan) from 2014 to 2015, <Stored Reality>: Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2014, <For It to End>: Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts in India. Recently, her new piece <Stored Reality> was presented in Festival BOM, Korea.

Choreographer&Performer:Soo Hyun Hwang
sound:Sang Won Nam
Projection:Bae Sung Woon、Soo Hyun Hwang



Mao Wei
Was Born in China.A full scholarship student and graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (majoring in contemporary dance and choreography). He has worked with a many of renowned artists from around the world, included Dam Van Huynh (London), John Utas(Australia), Laura Aris (Spain), Liu Lingli (China) Isamel Ivo (Brazil) Wenzhgong Li (Taiwan)Liang Xin (Hong Kong), etc. 2011,with Dam Van Huynh dance company to join '' Art&Faith'' M1Singapore Fringe Festival. 2012,Representative the school to show in '' International Festival of Dance Academies'' 2013 he was awarded full scholarship to join '' Impuls Tanz Dacne Festival -Biblioteca do Corpo'' and performed in Vienna and Sao Paulo. Now he is an independent artist, He is passionate about choreography and performance ,recently creation is 2013"Tringer", 2014"Tringer2", "Shelf Life", "Thorny Road", "Dream death", 2015"Pardon2. His work was invited to join " Wiz World Dance Festival" in Seoul, "Macau Modern Dance festival", "RAM Dance Festival " in HongKong,Taipei, and Japan, "43th HongKong arts festival". He will also collaborate with different dance company: Hong Kong Dance Company - "Red Hoppies", "Journey to the West", "Shambhala", "I dance, Therefore I am", City Contemporary Dance Company - "Momentum", Hong Kong dance Theatre Company - "Pupil rules" Unlock dancing Plaza - "Mooring". Mao also is a one of found of the Four Degrees Dance Laboratory.
▶4 Degrees Dance Laboratory

Choreographer&Dancer:Mao Wei
Sound:Lawrence English--Parallel, The last of us --Forgotten Memories


Murasaki Penguin(Sydney)

Murasaki Penguin is a long term interdisciplinary collaboration between Japanese dancer/choreographer Anna Kuroda and Australian sound and multimedia artist David Kirkpatrick. Their work crosses cultures and the boundaries of dance, sound, video, electronics and large scale installation – with a focus on interactivity and live performance. Since forming in 2010 Murasaki Penguin has created works including Citylights~街の灯 – connecting the Cleland Bond Building in The Rocks, Australia and IZAYOI Yoshidamachi Studio in Yokohama, Japan, Moon at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Japan, Shima – part of the Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival on Sydney Harbour’s Cockatoo Island and ja Matane at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria. Murasaki Penguin projects have received Australia Council OYEA (Residencies and Commissions) funding, Yokohama City funding and been shortlisted for the 2012 ArtsHub Innovation Award for a group, organisation or company.
▶Murasaki Penguin

Choreographer&Dancer:Anna Kuroda
Sound&Projection:David Kirkpatrick




Log±inn Yui Kitagawa Maki Kurita Masashi Koyama Kana Sakato
Kenji Shinohe Deltalker Tokubetsu Yoshida Saori Yoneda