Choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara
Visual Director : Keisuke Takahashi
Costume Designer : Mitsushi Yanaihara
Sound Director : Yuki Kato
Lighting Designer : Kai Takinoiri
Set Designer : Hiroyuki Kinoshita

performers :
Masahiro Kohama, Natsuko Tezuka, Chika Sagawa, Kouji Yamamoto, Michiyo Shibuya,
Syouichi Motohara,Hiroyuki Seki, Chikako Iwata

Nov. Tokyo international Festival Tokyo DANCE SELECTION 2000, at Oribe Hall.

Jan. at ST spot YOKOHAMA
Jul. AVIGNION THEATRE FESTIVAL (public off), France
Aug. Oregon Dance Festival, San Francisco BUTO Festival, U.S.
Sep. at Thatere UEDA, NAGANO

Feb. Yokohama Dance Collection competition

Dec. SARP Vol.2@SHIKOKU GAKUIN University, Kagawa, Japan

2002 "The National Advisory Panel Award" Bagnolet International Choreography Contest
2000 "The Millennium Culture and Art Festival Award"


- text
I see a paved road in front of me.
There is a nice sedan on it.
We don't know what is under the road, what has been there, what is happening now.
There is a former layer and the life of the days under the asphalt.
The past is layered under the asphalt over and over like a stratum.
The time there has clear vertical direction towards the surface of the earth.
The present confronts to the exhausted tire of cars parked on a road.
When I die, I want to be buried under the ground.
I want to lie under asphalt as one layer of the past, and then I support the huge city of skyscraper above me. Could you park a nice sedan on me then?

flier, illustrated by Mitsushi Yanaihara