/////////////// "KUMA-GA-DETA News"

/////////////// Mikuni Yanaihara (2009)

/////////////// exhibition
Nov. 2009. “ Contemporary Art Annual”
@TAKAMATSU City Museum of Art, Japan

Jan.2011. "JUMP"

/////////////// text
This news is about one bear...

last night, one bear came and attacked a group of boys
in the forest.
but he is a friendly and ignorant bear.
he had a lot of fruit...
probably he wanted to give them to them.
but one boy took .45 Colt made in 1911.
and he aimed his gun at the bear and shot...


Bang! Bang! Bang!!!

but all of the bullets missed it,
and the bear was just standing there with a lot of fruit...
because he was a friendly and ignorant bear,

and the boy went nearer, about 4.5 cm to the bear.
and shot.

the bear rolled down the hill.
his face contorted with the sadness
at the fact that he'd been shot.
he was bleeding and died before long.

this is on the news on TV.
i wondered why i could feel such pain from hearing the story,
and yet not be able to help that bear.

if an animal approaches instinctively,
human intends to kill it.
because we have to protect ourselves.
especially because bears and tigers are such much bigger,
they might bite us.
but if human were able to communicate with animals,
that boy wouldn't have had to kill that bear.

it's so sad...
ahhhh, so sadddd....
the poor bear, the friendly and ignorant bear...
with a lot of fruit...
it's so sad...

do you think so that?
but nothing we can do,
the boy who killed the bear went to the police.
he was arrested.
but he's still alive today!

that was on the news, too.
he was crying on TV, and said
"i should have been killed"

it's so sad...
it's pitiful...tragic...
................. ........ .. ..... . .. . .....