"dry flower"

/////////////// "dry flower"

/////////////// off-Nibroll (2004)

/////////////// 3 channel video, DVD
/////////////// interactive work, duration : 6:00

/////////////// AWARD
Sep, 2004.
MORI Art Museum Membership Special Prize

Oct. 2005.
The 2005 Japan Mesia Arts Festival
– Jury Recommended Works

May. 2007.
HIROSHIMA Contemporary Art Museum
– Re-Act 2007 prize

/////////////// exhibition
Feb. 2004. “ROPPONGI Crossing” @MORI Art Museum,Tokyo

/////////////// credit
camera, edit, system : Keisuke Takahashi
choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara

performer :
Masako Yasumoto
Mayu Takagi
Sonoko Fujii
Reiko Inage

/////////////// exhibition
Feb. 2004. “ROPPONGI Crossing”
@MORI Art Museum,Tokyo

Oct. 2004. “SHANGHAI Biennial”
@SHANGHAI Museum, China

Feb. 2006. “Crossing”
@TAIPEI Artist Village, Taiwan

Mar. 2006. “Lantern Festival”
@TAIPEI Artist Village, Taiwan

May. 2007. “Re-Act”
@HIROSHIMA Contemporary Art Museum, Japan

Oct. 2007. solo exhibition
@ierimonti Gallery, Milano

Oct. 2007. “Artist in Yokohama”
@AZAMINO Gallery, YKOHAMA, Japan

/////////////// concept
This work uses the interactive system,
and has 3 screens and images.
On two screens,
projecting only our video images,
and on the other one screen,
the camera shoot audience's shadow,
and they can see own shadow.
they can see our video images
only a portion of own shadow.
So they dance naturally
to see more our video images.

This work made of audience's body
and our space with our visual images.

"dry flower" of the title is
a symbol of one beauty shape.
while dry flower is dead as flower,
live and exists there as shape.
that is such beautiful shape
that death and life exists together.
By the comparison with a very beautiful body
of the animal that was able to be the balance,
we expressed the beauty of an unbalanced body
of withering human being.