/////////////// "chocolate"

/////////////// off-Nibroll (2009)

/////////////// credit
choreograph : Mikuni Yanaihara
camera & edit : Keisuke Takahashi
sound : off-Nibroll

Dancer ;
Misato Mochiduki, Tien Shiaotzu

/////////////// exhibition
Mar. 2010. “Double START”

/////////////// performance
Jan. 2011. @Century Comtemporay Dance Company Studio, Taipei, Taiwan

Oct. 2010. “Give Me Chocolate” @BankART NYK, Japan

Aug. 2010. "Delivery Arts Takamatsu"@SHIONOE Museum, Japan

Dec. 2009. "ASIAN Performing Arts Festival"@TOKYO Metropolitan Art Space

Oct. 2009. @OHARA Museum. Japan

Sep. 2006. “Fusion Festival” @Berlin, Germany

Dec. 2005. “AZUMABASHI Dance Crossing #03” @ASAHI Art Square, Tokyo

/////////////// performance /////////////// credit
choreograph : Mikuni Yanaihara
video : Keisuke Takahashi
sound : off-Nibroll

Dancer :
#1 - Chika Sagawa, Mikuni Yanaihara
#2 - Mariko Kasuya, Emi Oyama
#3 - Yuko Hirai, Mikuni Yanaihara
#4 - Misato Mochiduki, Tien Shiaotzu
#5 - Yoshiko Morita, Mina Terada

/////////////// work shop

/////////////// text
The theme of this work is about a memory.
We were enlightened the fairy tale named "Alice in Wonderland".
Do you remember the fairy tale?
The fairy tale is famous also in Japan.
I've also read it many times in childhood.
However, I can't remember how Alice run away from the queen of a heart.
Do you remember that scene?
I remember only that Alice survived.

The queen of a heart has big power in Wonderland.
Alice that has forgotten how to run away from the power of the big organization,
I think that it reflects us who live in the present Japanese society.

Japan is going to change constitution Article 9 now.
Article 9 is a splendid constitution to abandon war.
Many Japanese citizens object to it.
But we are always carried away by big power without our noticing it.
It strongly reflects the present Japanese society conditions
that we cannot remember how Alice got away from big power.

The space alien of the video images are the symbol of big power, too.
He is lovely face....
However, the boy doesn't run away with the space alien.
He chose to still stay on the earth in the destruction.
He is the symbol of Japanese society in the future.