"a world"


/////////////// "a world"

/////////////// off-Nibroll (2009)

/////////////// 3 channel video, DVD duration : 4:15

/////////////// credit
off- Nibroll

choreograph : Mikuni Yanaihara
camera, edit & sound : Keisuke Takahashi

Dancer :
Tomomitsu Adachi, Mayu Takagi, Chika Sagawa,
Yu Harada, Noriko Fujise, Shigeya Yo

/////////////// concept
Hundreds and thousands of bodies
go across two screens.
Eventually, thouse countless bodies tuen into
the shape of a world map.
We lose our direction and our ways
and wander around.
Discord, friction and conflicts.
The work sharply describes the present
form of discommunication
and a hope about our values inconsistent
and countless but possibly connected
with one another.

/////////////// exhibition
@SKIP CITY. SAINOKUNI Visual Museum, Japan


Oct. 2009. “Artist meets KURASHIKI vol.5”
@OHARA Museum. Japan

Sep. 2009. “Art in Busan 2009 Inter-City”
@BUSAN City Museum of Art, Korea

Oct. 2009. “BankArt Life”
@ BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA, Japan

Feb.2008 "Japan Fashion Fair"
@Beijing, China