"a room"

/////////////// "a room"

/////////////// Keisuke Takahashi (2006)

/////////////// DVD duration : 6:00

/////////////// AWARD
May. 2007.
OSAKA Art Triennial 2007
Jury Recommended Award

/////////////// exhibition
Mar. 2010. “Double START”

Dec. 2009. “Contemporary Art Japan, Korea and  China”
@Hakgojae Gallery, Korea

Oct. 2009. “Artist meets KURASHIKI vol.5”
@OHARA Museum. Japan

Dec. 2007. “public=un+public”
@ SENDAI Media Theque, Japan

/////////////// credit
photo : Nobutaka Sato
sound : Yuki Kato, SKANK

/////////////// concept
“the room project”
One's room, I understand,
is the smallest unit of private space.
That contains a lot things that
you don't want others to see
and things that are not worth showing.
Those things might not be
beautiful or match the traditional image of the country.
But I believe one's room has one's
precious time and real space in it.
My intention is to share some of this space.
There, one will find a lot.
Take a close look at a piece of ordinary life led
in this small box.
And share just a tiny bit of space
and a fraction of time there.
Our belief is that those small connections
between individuals may lead to global peace.
We are willing to continue this Room Project,
which started here, in many other countries.
Our plan is to accumulate these small boxes
to create a large world map in the near future.