off-Nibroll Presents

「Dance in ASIA 2019」

25 FEB – 3 MARCH



off-Nibroll Presents "Dance in ASIA" #4

This project is a collaboration among Century Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) Taipei, Taiwan; Js Wong Dance Company, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Studio Plesungan, Karanganyar, Indonesia and off-Nibroll, Tokyo, Japan.


- Artist

Melati Suryodarmo (Indonesia)

She graduated from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunscheweig, Germany. Her practice is informed by Butoh, dance and history, among others. Her work is the result of ongoing research in the movements of the body and its relationship to the self and the world. These are translated into photography, dance choreography, video and live performances. Suryodarmo has presented her work in locations all over the world, including Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland; MMCA, Gwacheon, South Korea; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan; Para Site, Hong Kong; QAGOMA, Australia; and Singapore Art Museum. Festivals include 5th Guangzhou Triennale (2015); Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale (2009); and Manifesta 7 (2008). She has presented her choreography pieces in various festival, among them at the TPAM, BankArt, Yokohama (2016) With Dance Festival,Sophien Saele, Berlin (2016); Europalia Festival at KVS Brussels (2017); De Singel, Anwerp; Frankfurt LAb, Frankfurt (2015) and Indonesia Dance Festival, Jakarta Theatre, (2016). Since 2007, Suryodarmo has been organizing PALA and Undisclosed Territory, both annual performance art festivals, in Solo, Indonesia. In 2012, she founded “Studio Plesungan”, a art space for performance artists. In 2017, she served as Artistic Director for the 17th Jakarta Biennale.


Mikuni Yanaihara (Japan)

Director and choreographer of Nibroll. Known for her unique style of choreography based on everyday movements and her critical expression of contemporary society, She has been invited to perform in various parts of japan, as well at international festival, Oregon Dance Festival, San Francisco’s BUTO Festival, Laokoon Summer Festival(Hamburg, Germany) and Kitchen in New York. Also a playwright and director, she won the KISHIDA KUNIO Drama Award 2012. Yanaihara also creates visual artwork under the name off-Nibroll and has participated in exhibitions at festivals and venues, including the Shanghai biennale, the OHARA Museum of ART and MIRI ART Museum. she was in charge of the choreography for animated film. Yanaihara creates works by crossing over between dance,theater and visual art.


Keisuke Takahashi (Japan)

He has created many visual installations in various space such as museum, gallery, theatre and public space. and he also has created performance pieces and intend to pursue the relationship between body and image. He held the solo exhibition the gallery in Milan, Italy and Taipei, Taiwan, and in Japan, BankArt1929, Ohara Museum and others, and also jointed to the international exhibition such as SHANGHAI Biennial, SETOUCHI Art Triennale, Jakarta Biennale 2017 and others. His works have been presented in arts festivals throughout Japan and the world. He received the Committee Recommendation Award from Japan Media Arts Festival in 2005. He also has created many performance works as the visual director for the dance company named “Nibroll”.


SKANK (Japan)

Composer and Sound Artist. He was born in Tokyo in 1972. He has participated in Nibroll as sound director. Nibroll is a Japanese dance group which is composed of one choreographer, one videographer, one musician, one visual artist and various dancers. Also he plays and collaborates with many kinds of musicians and artists, never following a specific style. Also he has contributed to Yubiwa Hotel (the name of a theatre company) as a sound creator and a performer. He is a main member of the band ” MEXI ‘’. He has given live performances, and has made a lot of music for dance performances, a theatre company, and movies.He has also participated in SSS,T (Six Strings Sonic, The) as a guitarist and won the excellence prize of the 2005 Japan Medhia Arts Festival. Lately he has collaborated with Melati Suryodarmo, and he is energetic in various fields, including holding a solo exhibition.

Toru Yamanaka (Japan)

Composer, Producer and DJ. Born in Osaka, Japan. As a music composer, producer, club DJ and organizer, He has collaborated with various artists around the world. From 1984 to 2000, he joined the Japanese performance group Dumb Type as a music composer and sound designer. Since 2000, He has been collaborating with Singaporean theater director Ong Keng Sen. 2009, he started to work with the dance company in Kyoto, the Monochrome Circus. 2010, joined the performance group “MuDA”. and started the concert version of Dumb Type’s music classical.

Shu-Fen Yao (Taiwan)

Choreographer. She graduated from New York University as a Master majoring in performing arts and choreography, Shu-Fen Yao, is now teaching in National Taiwan University of Arts mainly focusing on improvisation, composition and contemporary technique. She is the founder also the leader and main choreographer of Century Contemporary Dance Company. During her time of studying in the USA she got the scholarships from Merce Cunningham School and American Asian Cultural Foundation. The American dance magazine Attitude, had commented:“ from her there are many things to learn, and she is a precious dance performer”. In 1999, she was selected by the Ministry of Education to go to Paris Artist Village for one year. Her style changes with the time and her main concern is to reflect our time and the relationship between humanity and the environment. Shu-fen Yao tends to take the details of life as her materials. Her works often use fantastic realism style combined with 3 dimensional collages. Her works have a dreamy like feeling that is unique and singular.


JS Wong (Malaysia)

Choreographer. Wong Jyh Shyong received his Master of Fine Arts from Graduate Institute of Choreography, Taipei National University of the Arts in 2013 and Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with First Class Honors in 2005. He was previously a dancer with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan from 2005 to 2009. In the 9th and 11th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in Malaysia, he received the Best Featured Performer award in 2011 and 2013. From 2013 to 2016, he was the artistic director of DPAC Dance Company as well as Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC). Under his artistic direction, DPAC Dance Company was a choreographic workplace which aimed to present dance productions with local artists and collaborative projects between Malaysian and international dance artists. Thus far, JS has staged his own choreographies and commissioned pieces in various festivals and venues in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Malaysia.

Emi Oyama (Japan)

She started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 8, and started contemporary dance and ballet at the age of 18. She has participated in works by Shinji Nakamura, Mako Kawano, Mikuni Yanaihara, Yao Shu-Fen, Pichet Klunchun, Miwa Okuno and Saori Hara as a dancer. She has participated in the dance company named Nibroll since 2010. She also makes solo works recently. She was placed 3rd in the Senior Solo Dancer Division of the Yokohama Competition in 2005.


Tomomi Watanabe (Japan)

Dancer and Bullet Instructor. She studied classical ballet from 3 years old, Based in AICHI Prefecture in Japan, she acts extensively in performing performances such as dance and theater, performances in galleries and public spaces, and so on. She has launched the dance planning organization "NAGOCON" since 2014 and is working to create more environmentally friendly dancers, allowing local dancers to do more free activities and to make the audience more enjoyable in dancing. The Semifinalist of The World Ballet Modern Dance Competition (1996).

Kazuki Sugai (Japan)

Since 2003 he has established a dance company named “afterimage” with Tetsuro Hattori and others, and based on Aichi prefecture in Japan as a dancer and costume designer. Since 2010 he became a producer of “afterimage”. Since 2011 he established “officecassini" and has been planning many dance performances by domestic and foreign artists. Since 2016 he has been producing in a wider area by adding Tokyo, Kanazawa to its activity base.



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